RBAC’s Gas4Power Essentials Brief

Don’t be left in the dark about gas prices. In today’s market environment, one cannot produce realistic power market forecasts without taking into account the specifics of the gas market and one cannot produce realistic gas market forecasts without accounting for important factors in the power market. This dilemma is resolved by producing integrated solutions using the industry standard GPCM® Natural Gas Market Forecasting System™ and the GPCM Power Model Interface (GPCM-PMI™) with a power market model.

Both gas and power market analysts have the same dilemma: How can they provide their respective models with realistic inputs to compute realistic forecasts that answer the toughest market problems?

This is particularly important with regard to natural gas prices, since gas has become the preferred fuel due to its abundance and low environmental impact compared to coal.

Gas4Power™ solves this dilemma by providing a full solution to address the entirety of the problem.

Gas Fired Plants MapGas4Power Essentials provides a smooth and simple process for gas price forecasts using GPCM to be provided directly to a power market model and its forecast gas burns to be fed back to GPCM in an iterative process which leads to a consistent forecast for both the integrated gas and power market.

Gas4Power a Solution for the Electricity Industry:

  • GPCM Special Edition is designed to give analysts and managers in the electricity industry all the power of GPCM for forecasting natural gas production, pipeline and storage utilization, delivery and price at points throughout the North American gas market in support of better integrated gas and power solution.
  • GPCM Special Edition focuses on the essential functions needed for electricity modelers. It is specifically designed for ease of use and focused reporting to serve the requirements of any integrated fore¬cast while retaining GPCM’s power and flexibility.
  • GPCM Power Model Interface gives users the means to more rapidly converge solutions between GPCM and a power market model. 
  • Fully integrated support services give the licensee access to RBAC’s industry professionals to minimize the time and implementation costs of the Gas4Power Essentials solutions.

Pipeline Utilization MapGas4Power Essentials Includes:

  • GPCM Special Edition
    • GPCM scenario builders
      • Supply by basin group, play type (conventional, CBM, shale), and period
      • Demand by census division, sector, and period
      • LNG imports and exports by census division and period
      • Infrastructure Auto-Expansion on-off switch and parameters
    • Extensive reporting
      • Scenario Overview Exporter
      • Supply Disposition
      • Consumption Summary
      • LNG Imports/Exports Summary
      • Source Destination Flows
    • Monthly periodicity
  • GPCM Quarterly Updated Base Case which is the widely accepted standard for creating scenarios throughout natural gas industry in North America.
  • GPCM Software Updates
  • RBAC’s Power Model Interface (GPCM-PMI™)
  • On-site training offers in depth training on gas fundamentals for the power analysts and real-world practical application
  • Optional upgrades to the full “GPCM Power User Suite” for periodic deep dives into market fundamentals as needed by special arrangement.

For additional information about Gas4Power Essentials™ and any other RBAC product, contact James Brooks directly at (281) 506-0588 ext. 126.

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