RBAC Foreshadowed Resurgence in GTLs

Los Angeles, California, November 16, 2012 – Is it a prime time to take advantage of GTL opportunities? In 2010, Dr. Brooks spoke of the “potential for Gas-To-Liquids plants as a growth market for the continuing surge of natural gas in North America from Shale production.” This view was again supported in the latest RBAC base case forecast, showing future GTLs demand providing additional price support in North America, released on October 30th.

Although the cost for a GTL plant is significantly higher than that of a new refinery, GTL plants would be able to pay higher prices for Natural Gas than most LNG plants, because they would be selling into a higher priced market, specifically diesel fuel. Without the transportation costs LNG exports will incur, the per-unit cost of energy for GTL could be less.

RBAC Inc. is a leader in the development of energy market models, most notably the GPCM® Natural Gas Forecasting System.  Dr. Robert Brooks, Founder of RBAC Inc. has over 30 years of experience in modeling energy markets, specializing in natural gas and LNG.

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