About RBAC Inc.

RBAC Inc. develops and licenses predictive analytics tools for industry, consultants, as well as State and Federal government agencies involved with Energy, Transportation and the Environment.  RBAC’s principal products include the industry standard GPCM® Natural Gas Market Forecasting System™, G2M2® Global Gas Market Modeling System™, Gas4Power® with Power Model Interface (GPCM-PMI™) for integrating RBAC’s natural gas market modeling systems with power market models and NGL-NA®.

Licensees of RBAC’s systems are involved in all aspects of natural gas including: 1) exploration and production; 2) LNG infrastructure development and marketing; 3) transportation; 4) electric power generation; 5) commodities trading, as well as 6) most of the major energy consulting firms.

We continuously improve our solutions through new technology and advanced economic practices with release updates based on client requests and energy industry needs. It is our aim to stay ahead of current practices, offer new insights heretofore unavailable and thereby raise the standard of predictive analytics.

Dr. Robert Brooks founded RBAC in 1987 based on experience developing several well respected predictive models for government and industry. He designed his first gas transportation model as part of his doctoral program at MIT in the 70’s. 

RBAC’s staff includes experts in natural gas supply, demand, marketing and transportation as well as the dynamic global pipeline and LNG markets. Our team applies its world class expertise in mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, mathematical algorithm development, software engineering, and database design to current and future challenges, risks and opportunities in energy.

“The mission of RBAC is to contribute to the prosperity of mankind through improvements in the quality and ethics of economic decisions made by the energy industry. This, in turn, will increase the availability of affordable energy throughout the world, while still allowing for profitability of those projects to deliver shareholder value to the investors as well as the interests of other stakeholders.”  

– Dr. Robert Brooks, Founder, RBAC, Inc.

For additional information about RBAC or any of RBAC’s products, please contact James Brooks directly at (281) 506-0588 ext. 126.

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