About RBAC Inc.

RBAC is the market leading supplier of global and regional gas and LNG market simulation systems. These systems provide industry analysts powerful tools for supporting corporate investment and M&A strategy, improving free cash flow, achieving environmental and sustainability goals, including reduction of CO2 emissions, conducting credible and useful risk analysis and planning, and enhancing profitability in commodity trading. Our products and expertise help companies go beyond the narratives and hype to identify the opportunities and define the risks inherent in the uncertainties of energy transition using reality and fact based fundamentals and analysis.

We continuously enhance our market simulation systems with the latest software and computer technology while applying the best of mathematical economics to assist our clients achieve their goals. This is especially needed as we see fundamental shifts taking place in the energy industry to achieve energy transition and meet increasingly demanding requirements of environmental and sustainability goals. We provide regularly scheduled updates of our simulation systems and databases to keep our clients up-to-date with the most current market information. We enhance the functionality of our systems to enable our customers to simulate the effect of new regulations or industry requirements.

Our aim is to continue to lead the market in best practices which raise the standard of market simulation, enabling rapid and flexible scenario generation, sensitivity analysis, risk-assessment and forecasting, giving clients the edge in the rapidly changing energy market.

Those using RBAC’s products and services include energy industry firms and consultants, as well as government agencies involved with energy, transportation, and the environment.

RBAC’s principal products include:

  • GPCM® Gas Market Simulation Systems™ focused on the North American gas & LNG markets. GPCM is the industry standard market simulator for North American gas.
  • G2M2® Global Gas Market Simulation Systems™ for simulating increasingly integrated gas and LNG markets worldwide.
  • GPCM® and G2M2® Visual Analytics for advanced visualization of simulation results.
  • Gas4Power® for integrating gas and power market fundamentals to produce credible forecasts for both.

With RBAC’s advanced simulation systems, licensees can create and run scenarios involving bio-methane (Renewable Natural Gas – RNG) mixed with natural gas and to assess the implications of carbon taxes and markets on supply, demand, and prices. Future enhancements will include the ability to simulate the advent of a hydrogen market with both pure hydrogen pipelines as well as mixtures with methane.

The Energy Analyst of today and the future needs powerful market simulators to conduct realistic assessments and develop workable strategies and plans to achieve the goals of the energy transition.

Dr. Robert Brooks founded RBAC in 1987 based on experience developing several well-respected predictive models for government and industry. He designed the first gas transportation model while getting his PhD at MIT and has led the industry ever since.

RBAC’s staff includes industry-trained experts in natural gas supply and demand, transportation, storage, marketing, and trading. Our team applies its world-class expertise in mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, mathematical algorithm development, software engineering, and database design to current and future challenges, risks and opportunities in energy.

“The mission of RBAC is to contribute to global prosperity and sustainability through improvements in the quality and effectiveness of economic decisions made by the energy industry. This will increase the availability of clean and affordable energy throughout the world, while still allowing for profitability of those projects to deliver shareholder value to the investors as well as the interests of other stakeholders.”

– Dr. Robert Brooks, Founder, RBAC Inc.

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