Products and Services

RBAC Inc. develops and licenses economic forecasting tools for management decision support systems for the energy industry, as well as State and Federal government agencies involved with Energy, Transportation and the Environment. RBAC’s principal products include the industry standard GPCM® Natural Gas Market Forecasting System™, including the GPCM® Base Case Database for North America and GPCM Viewpoints® on Natural Gas.

We continuously work to improve our modeling tools through the development and regularly released updates, based on client requests and energy industry needs. Those client and industry needs led to the development of RBAC’s North American Natural Gas Liquids Model (NGL-NA™) in SQL and GPCM Daily™.

Additional forecasting tools scheduled for release include:

  • G2M2™ Global Gas Market Model
  • GPCM® for MS-SQL

RBAC Inc. was founded in 1987 by Dr. Robert Brooks, who developed the foundation of RBAC’s core business through his doctoral research in natural gas transportation economics at MIT. Building these types of tools for forecasting prices, basis, and flows in the global energy market is the core of RBAC’s business. The company employs experts in energy supply and demand for natural gas, NGL’s as well as LNG and their transportation and storage. RBAC staff and associates have extensive expertise in software engineering, mathematical algorithm development, database design and implementation, mathematical modeling and statistical analysis.

For additional information about RBAC or any of RBAC’s products, please contact James Brooks directly at (281) 506-0588 ext. 126.

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