Products and Services

RBAC is the market leading supplier of global and regional gas and LNG market simulation systems. These systems provide industry analysts powerful tools for supporting corporate investment and M&A strategy, improving free cash flow, achieving environmental and sustainability goals, including reduction of CO2 emissions, conducting credible and useful risk analysis and planning, and enhancing profitability in commodity trading. Organizations using RBAC’s products and services include energy industry firms and consultants, ISO’s and RTO’s, and government agencies involved with energy, transportation, and the environment. 

RBAC’s market simulators include:

  • GPCM® Gas Market Simulation Systems™
    • GPCM® Market Simulator for North American Gas and LNG™
    • GPCM® Essentials
    • GPCM Viewpoints®
    • GPCM® Visual Analytics
  • G2M2® Global Gas Market Simulation Systems™
    • G2M2® Market Simulator for Global Gas and LNG™
    • G2M2® Essentials
    • G2M2® Viewpoints™
    • G2M2® Visual Analytics
  • Gas4Power® with RBAC’s Power Model Interface
  • NGL-NA® Market Simulator for North American Natural Gas Liquids
  • Market Simulation Advisory Services
    • Custom Scenario Design & Analysis
    • Assistance in establishment of in-house market simulation capability

With RBAC’s advanced simulation systems, licensees can analyze scenarios involving bio-methane (Renewable Natural Gas – RNG) mixed with natural gas and to assess the implications of carbon taxes and emissions markets and limits on gas supply, demand, and prices.  Future enhancements will include the ability to simulate the advent of a hydrogen market with both pure hydrogen pipelines as well as mixtures with methane.

Today’s Energy Analysts need powerful market simulators to help them conduct realistic assessments and develop workable strategies and plans to achieve their company’s goals for the energy transition.

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