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RBAC Inc. develops and licenses predictive analytics tools for industry, consultants, as well as State and Federal government agencies involved with Energy, Transportation and the Environment.  RBAC’s principal products include the industry standard GPCM® Natural Gas Market Forecasting System™, G2M2® Global Gas Market Modeling System™, Gas4Power® with Power Model Interface (GPCM-PMI™) for integrating RBAC’s natural gas market modeling systems with power market models and NGL-NA®.

Licensees of RBAC’s systems are involved in all aspects of natural gas including: 1) exploration and production; 2) LNG infrastructure development and marketing; 3) transportation; 4) electric power generation; 5) commodities trading, as well as 6) most of the major energy consulting firms.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

  • GPCM is a powerful modeling tool that can capture the fundamental market trends in the North America natural gas market and provide insightful outcomes. It has been an effective platform for me to work on a variety of analysis and projects for all different of customers. Also, GPCM comes with not only a great software tool and database, but also a team of great support staff that has always been so helpful every step along the way. No matter what type of adventure I am working on the model, the team is always ready to help and also always willing to listen and consider customers’ feedback and suggestions. The gas market is very dynamic and full of uncertainty, but GPCM has been very good at bringing in new features and improvements all the time to be ahead of the market.

    Manager, Market Analysis
  • As a senior fuel consultant, when I present gas forecast results to clients, regulators, and stakeholder groups, I’m confident that with GPCM® I’m offering the industry-standard model maintained by the industry’s best modeling team. I appreciate the responsive staff at RBAC and their constant efforts to make their product better. I also appreciate their intellectual integrity and transparent processes. My colleagues and I depend on the ease with which we can customize the inputs to GPCM. Its flexibility is a big asset to our fuel practice.

    Senior Director
  • Today I was intensely working with GPCM / GDS to isolate and alleviate some Demand constraints. I was moving between GDS and GPCM and within GPCM between zones, demand links, customers, locations and the Pipeline Use Report. I can’t tell you what a joy it was to be able to move so quickly between the various forms whether they be in form view or datasheet view. I know I’m picking up speed as I learn the database, but how you’ve got the database set up so you can drill down and move around and back so efficiently is really appreciated. I just thought I’d pass that along to you. Thank you.

    Senior Analyst