GPCM Viewpoints® on Natural Gas 

GPCM Viewpoints® is a tool that delivers quarterly updated forecasts and is designed for companies and individuals who do not require the full in house forecasting capabilities of the GPCM® Market Simulator for North American Gas and LNG™.  The increasing sophistication of the industry creates more demand on any forecast and the ability to drill down into greater detail. GPCM Viewpoints provides that level of detail as well as analysis of industry trends and greater transparency in its forecast then has ever been available anywhere else outside of GPCM Users.

Features Include:viewpoints_graph

  • Quarterly Updated Forecast
  • Detailed Monthly Data
  • Access to Assumptions in forecast
  • Graphing (Single or multiple Data Points)
  • Exporting to Excel
  • Easy to use design and function

GPCM Viewpoints consists of forecasts of monthly North American supply, demand, transportation, storage, and price of natural gas over a time horizon of from five to twenty-five years into the future. These forecasts are produced by RBAC’s veteran staff of energy-savvy consultants and researchers using the industry standard GPCM Market Simulator for North American Gas and LNG. More specifically, the product consists of a quarterly updated forecast as defined by explicit assumptions for future weather, economic growth, world oil price, and energy industry development.  Viewpoints clients have access to a number of reports containing both summary and detail information for each scenario.

Typical Scenarios:

A mid-range Henry Hub price scenario, based on conservative estimates of economic growth, weather, mid-range world oil prices, recent trends in regional production, and best guess estimates of LNG imports and exports throughout North America.

Other Scenarios: 

RBAC will produce from time to time alternative scenarios to highlight the potential effects of specific projects, events, or conditions which would be of interest to the industry.

A high price scenario, based on more optimistic economic growth, higher than normal CDD and HDD, higher world oil prices, slower growth in regional production, and less availability of LNG.

A low price scenario, based on slower economic growth, seasonally milder temperatures, lower world oil prices, higher growth in regional production, and more availability of LNG.

Custom Scenarios:

GPCM Viewpoints licensees may also request customized scenarios based on their own assumptions about economic growth, weather, world oil prices, production capacity, LNG availability, new infrastructure projects which would affect natural gas supply, demand, or deliverability in North America. Such scenarios would be available only to the customer requesting them.

For additional information about GPCM Viewpoints® and any other RBAC product, contact James Brooks directly at (281) 506-0588 ext. 126.

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