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NGL-NA Market Simulator for North American
Natural Gas Liquids

There is no other tool available in the North American NGL industry that offers the in-depth insight into this dynamic and complex market which makes it possible to identify new opportunities and their risks under a variety of market conditions.

NGL-NA® provides real insight into the NGL and petrochemical markets for a variety of companies throughout the industry.  NGL-NA is supported by a team of industry-savvy developers and modelers who are continuously improving its functions and capabilities including regular updates to its database.

Product Flow Model of Natural Gas Liquids

NGL-NA helps you simulate market forces in a way that is efficient enough to do multiple scenarios quickly.  It takes into account global influences on these markets by indicating those supply/demand fundamentals or letting you make your own assumptions.  NGL-NA provides the tools needed to find those opportunities with potentially high returns and the insight into the market conditions that can turn on you.

As a user, you may test out a variety of assumptions and add your own market intelligence and insights to RBAC’s NGL-NA Base Case thus creating a proprietary reference case that can increase your competitive advantage.

Because the tool manages data through a database structure it is easier and faster than one would expect.  Leaving you time to focus on optimizing your positions.

NGL-NA contains powerful capabilities for scenario analysis including forecasting potential impacts of various conditions and events on NGL Production, Processing, Transportation, Pricing and Demand.

Those insights have had a powerful effect on our client’s bottom line. Here’s how…

This tool reveals opportunities, risk, and trends stemming from:

    • Changing patterns of dry and wet gas production
    • Wetness and composition of new and existing plays
    • Proposed new NGL pipelines or expansions of existing ones
    • Re-purposing of gas pipelines for NGL mix or purity products
    • New gas processing plants and fractionators
    • LPG import & export capacity expansion
    • New ethylene and PDH plants or capacity expansions
    • Changes in refinery feedstock slates
    • Propane market changes: Growth? Decline?
    • Diluent market growth in Alberta (pentanes and/or condensate)
  • Find the hidden opportunities, Standard reports help identify new infrastructure needs and market opportunities at a highly granular level.
  • Keep up to date with the latest trends – As new capability is being added to the model to meet the growing needs of our clients.
  • Use your forecast freely with no undue restrictions – While the structure, database and software remain our intellectual property the output and reports you create are yours to use without limitations.

Technical Advances in the Newest Version:

After years of use by the industry this product has been upgraded to a faster framework that is capable handling even larger data sets. 

The new NGL-NA SQL version is a .NET application, which utilizes a SQL Server back-end.  This product has been developed on SQL Server® 2014 Express Edition, and is targeted to be used with a SQL Server that is installed on an analyst’s workstation.

The .NET front-end software permits a high level of user control over the data, including the ability to create and drop new tables and reports.  It is comparable to what an analyst could do with an Access database, i.e., to create or modify data with a high degree of freedom.  The rationale is that this is a modeling/analysis tool in which an analyst is able to change data at will in order to evaluate a wide range of possible scenarios. 

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