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An elegant & efficient solution for converging gas and power prices

Even as more attention is given to renewables for electricity generation, natural gas and power are still inextricably linked in today’s North American energy markets.

RBAC’s Gas4Power® makes the process of simulating these interacting markets faster, more efficient, and transparent. As gas price affects gas demand in power generation, power market demand simultaneously affects gas price. Gas4Power provides a means to compute a consistent solution to this circular relationship. Built upon the industry-standard GPCM® gas market simulator, Gas4Power enables electricity market modelers to increase their knowledge and certainty about the North American gas industry with a minimal burden on staff and resources.

map of the number of natural gas power plants in the United States organized by megawatt capacity and total production cost

Gas4Power provides an efficient process for gas price forecasts to be transferred into a power market model and for resulting gas use to be transferred back into RBAC‘s GPCM gas market simulator in an iterative process. This process produces realistic and consistent forecasts for both the gas and the power market. Gas4Power can be “custom fit” to suit the level of detail needed to maximize efficiency and value. RBAC’s Gas4Power base case database is regularly calibrated against historical supply, demand, and price data, offering credible representations of actual market conditions.

Gas4Power:  Predictive Analytics for Market Analysts in the Electric Power Industry
  • Gas4Power gives analysts and managers the benefit of RBAC’s GPCM quarterly base case. Users get an insider’s view of gas production, pipeline and storage utilization, deliveries, LNG exports and price points throughout the North American gas market. Its design enables users to integrate proprietary data and assumptions in support of a credible and comprehensive gas and power outlook.
  • Designed for ease-of-use, Gas4Power consists of extensive report-generating tools and graphic displays that illuminate results of user-defined what-if scenarios. This output is easily exported to software such as Excel or PowerBI, providing the user with even greater data visualization capability. Its Power Model Interface gives users the means to rapidly compute convergent solutions between Gas4Power and popular power market modeling tools.
  • Support services give the licensee access to RBAC’s industry experts to minimize the time and cost of implementation.
  • Gas4Power “levels the playing field” with gas suppliers and marketers by enabling power market analysts to better understand and simulate gas market dynamics. Even more, users can easily layer in potential changes to those dynamics to simulate how that could affect important business decisions. When properly used to its fullest potential within the organization, Gas4Power could minimize corporate risk and improve contributions to business earnings.
  • Gas4Power databases contain realistic assumptions regarding global demand for North American LNG, computed using RBAC’s G2M2® global gas and LNG market simulator. It also contains tools enabling Gas4Power analysts to design unique LNG export assumptions for their own proprietary scenarios.
map describing usage of pipelines in the northeastern region of the United States
Gas4Power provides market analysts the data and tools they need to get the job done
  • Scenario builders to create company-unique reference case and analysis
    • Supply by basin group, play type (conventional, CBM, shale)
    • Demand by census region and sector
    • LNG imports/exports by terminal
    • New infrastructure
      CO2 emission price scenarios
    • Scenarios involving renewable natural gas and, in the future, hydrogen
  • Extensive reporting and visualization
    • Scenario Overview Exporter
    • Supply Disposition Summary
    • Consumption Summary
    • LNG Imports/Exports Summary
    • Source-Destination Flows
  • Monthly periodicity
  • Quarterly updated GPCM Base Case database and forecast, the most widely accepted standard in the North American gas industry
  • The software tools and capabilities needed to customize your scenarios to fit your needs
  • RBAC’s Power Model Interface
  • Periodic updates to Gas4Power software and functionality
  • On-site or online training offering in-depth training on gas fundamentals for power analysts as well as real-world practical application.

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