RBAC’s Gas & LNG Visual Analytics

(Results from recent GPCM quarterly forecasts)

RBAC’s GPCM® Natural Gas Market Forecasting System™ can be integrated with business intelligence (BI) visualization software to create dynamic graphics and reports, allowing users to quickly and easily analyze customized scenario results, identify possible risks and target opportunities of the assumed market conditions. 

A subscription to RBAC’s Gas & LNG Visual Analytics provides the full set of standard outputs that give a comprehensive forecast of the Natural Gas and LNG markets.   See full list of reports here.

Note: Hovering mouse over the visuals will display additional information and clicking on an item will highlight the item and related data points. Users can also zoom in or out on flow maps using the mouse scroll wheel or double clicking.


Price & Basis

Displaying changes in North American Price and Basis can help to identify investment opportunities or risk under a variety of customized scenarios.



Source Destination Flows

Displaying magnitudes or changes in magnitudes of natural gas flows gives the user an efficient way to understand gas flow dynamics under different assumptions.



G2M2 LNG Flows

Global supply and demand dynamics are increasingly important factors affecting US domestic balances, price and basis, all leading to potential changes in source and destination flows.



LNG Exports

The impact of specific scenario assumptions on expected LNG exports can be used to identify and quantify potential risks and opportunities in the converging global gas market.



Shale by Play

The shave revolution dramatically changed both domestic and global energy market dynamics, thus future supply expectations  of these critical plays will likely continue to drive investment decisions, supply/demand balances, product flows and prices.




Power BI visuals are based on several of RBAC’s latest GPCM® and/or G2M2® modeling system’s scenarios, unless otherwise indicated, and are for demonstrating GPCM, G2M2 and their accompanying Power BI interface capabilities. RBAC, and its base case results, do not provide any recommendations, implicit or otherwise, related to investments, trading or any other financial decisions.  Any use of modeling results and/or forecast are the sole decision and responsibility of the user. See RBAC’s website “Term of Use” for further information.

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