Energy Finance and the Energy Transition

 Energy and Finance Conference Energy Industry professionals, Economists and Finance professionals of Academia assembled in Houston to look at “Energy Finance and the Energy Transition,” a conference convened by the University of Houston on May 19-May 20, 2023, at the Marriott Marquis Houston. Covering finance, economics, markets and energy, through the academic and industry panels […]

Integrating Power BI for Natural Gas and LNG Markets

Big Data We are in the “Information Age”, our daily lives transformed by the internet, smartphones, and computers. With these technologies comes vast amounts of data. But there is a catch with having all of this data lying around, how can it be managed in order to be of use?  Thousands of rows in a […]

RBAC Releases New Video: Gas4Power™

Demand for Gas Fuels Power Markets As natural gas displaces coal for power generation, power markets and analysts are more concerned about gas markets and its market dynamics, from gas demand from different sectors like industrial, commercial and residential, to LNG exports. RBAC developed Gas4Power to help Power Analysts improve both the veracity of their […]

FLAME Conference 2023 Takeaways

Graph: G2M2 Insights Visual Analytics for Global Gas and LNG Some key takeaways for the FLAME conference 2023: Natural gas and LNG will continue to play an important role in the energy transition, but European governments and companies do not want to commit to any long-term infrastructure investments or binding contracts when there is a […]

FLAME Conference 2023 Day 1

Key Takeaways: There is a general consensus at the conference that demand destruction is expected to be slower than what is stated such policy as RepowerEU. This is aligned with what RBAC has stated since 22Q3 that our expected reduction of European demand is slower than IEA’s scenarios due to execution risk of policy targets. […]

Hydrogen Opportunities for the Natural Gas Sector

HYDROGEN AS AN ENERGY SOURCE: The hydrogen sector development in recent years has created significant opportunities and challenges for the LNG value chain. Hydrogen is seen as a clean and versatile energy carrier with the potential to decarbonize various sectors such as transportation, industry, and power generation. As such, it is seen as a complementary […]

Spring Highlights in Global Gas and LNG

We have had more than just warm weather and spring flowers, the Global Gas team here at RBAC wanted to give some highlights on what’s happening in the market. Source: GIE, Thierry_bros on Twitter GLOBAL SHIFT: The global gas market is experiencing a significant shift as North America increases its liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports […]

Can Methane Emissions Impact the Future of the LNG trade?

METHANE EMISSIONS TRACKING: As most of the methane emission impact occurs upstream to the liquefaction part of the value chain, which emphasize that the source of the LNG cargo matters as far as the methane emission is considered. As countries and industries focus more on mitigating climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including methane, has […]

RBAC Releases New Video: G2M2® Market Simulator for Global Gas and LNG™

The Global Gas and LNG Market As the world becomes more interconnected and energy demand continues to increase, understanding global natural gas and LNG market dynamics is more important than ever. In order to properly navigate these volatile global markets, you need a sophisticated tool which can simulate the market under any conditions. See how […]