2023 User Conference Recap

All Roads Lead to Galveston As Gas Market Experts Come Together With Texas’ best November weather, RBAC’s Annual Gas and User Conference took place in Galveston, Texas last week. It was a great follow up and success to last year’s1 in Austin. Everyone was happy to see colleagues and energy industry leaders from across the […]

African Energy Resources Must Benefit Africa

Africa Energy Week was huge. With thousands of attendees at the 5-day event, and multiple concurrent sessions, here are some takeaways from the continent which is the size of the U.S., Europe and China combined, and which is blessed with abundant oil, natural gas, and minerals. Strong Words When African leaders took the stage at […]

LNG2023 Conference Takeaways

Dr. Brooks speaking at the LNG2023 Conference. Source: Club LNG Twitter RBAC’s founder and CEO, Dr. Robert Brooks PhD, and our Director of Business Development, James Brooks, recently attended the LNG2023 conference in Vancouver. Dr. Brooks presented Europe’s options for making up the loss of natural gas imports from Russia using G2M2® Market Simulator for […]

Has Europe Moved Past Needing Russian Gas?

Europe’s Energy Crisis Back in May 2021, and like most countries, EU was on recovery, post-COVID, importing ~3 bcm of Russian natural gas a week from the various pipelines, and on May 19, 2021, the US announced it would remove sanctions on Nord Stream 2, and Russia was eager to open the taps, completing the […]

Potential Alaska Natural Gas Shortage in 2027

Cook Inlet Gas Production May Not Meet Demand In a recent report by Enstar Natural Gas for the regulatory commission of Alaska, it was revealed that the energy-rich state may soon be faced with an energy crisis of its own.  “Cook Inlet gas cannot fully meet demand forecast beyond 2026 with current proved reserves or […]

RBAC Attending LNG 2023 World Conference in Vancouver

We are happy to announce that we will be attending the LNG 2023 World Conference this coming July!  Dr. Robert Brooks will be discussing a variety of topics relating to global gas and LNG markets and how market simulation can help you keep track of all that happens. In particular be on the lookout for […]

Using Models Specifically for Trading

Natural Gas Market Analytics in Trading Most trading-based analytics focus on supply-demand balance assessments to determine whether the current market is loose or tight versus some historical perspective – e.g., prior year, 5-year average, etc. At a high level, these assessments can prove useful in developing profitable trading strategies, but they often miss regional (or […]

Energy Finance and the Energy Transition

 Energy and Finance Conference Energy Industry professionals, Economists and Finance professionals of Academia assembled in Houston to look at “Energy Finance and the Energy Transition,” a conference convened by the University of Houston on May 19-May 20, 2023, at the Marriott Marquis Houston. Covering finance, economics, markets and energy, through the academic and industry panels […]

Integrating Power BI for Natural Gas and LNG Markets

Big Data We are in the “Information Age”, our daily lives transformed by the internet, smartphones, and computers. With these technologies comes vast amounts of data. But there is a catch with having all of this data lying around, how can it be managed in order to be of use?  Thousands of rows in a […]