Dr. Brooks Joins FERC’s Technical Conference Discussing the Impact of Covid-19 on the Energy Industry

Houston, Texas, July 8, 2020, Dr. Robert Brooks, President and founder of RBAC, Inc., will be a panel participant at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Technical Conference regarding impacts of Covid-19 on the Energy Industry, Thursday July 9, 2020 starting at 9a EDT.

Negative crude oil prices, production curtailments and shut-ins, LNG exports dropping by nearly 50%, are all consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic that led to lockdown mandates just 4 months ago. Since then, oil prices have rebounded to over $40/barrel, many lockdowns lifted, and oil wells started to re-open. However, as the number of COVID-19 cases have increased during the last month, phased re-openings have slowed, halted, and in some cases reversed.

How do all these market dynamics impact current U.S. energy infrastructure utilization rates, and what are the potential implications for future supply, demand, and potential infrastructure enhancement?

Dr. Brooks will be providing valuable insights addressing these issues and concerns, based on scenario analyses utilizing RBAC’s GPCM® Natural Gas Market Forecasting System™ and G2M2® Global Gas Market Modeling System™.

Join this insightful discussion at http://ferc.capitolconnection.org/.


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