RBAC Forecasting Services

RBAC’s principal business is the development and licensing of market simulation systems such as our GPCM® Natural Gas Market Forecasting System™ and G2M2® Global Gas Market Modeling System™ for market analysis in the energy industry.

From time to time RBAC is asked to perform consulting assignments which utilize our own market simulation software. Because RBAC has many licensees that are consultants to the energy industry, we have a policy not to compete with our own customers.  However, there are occasions where a firm would like to get a look at what our software could do for them before they make the decision to license it. In such a situation, we might perform a consulting assignment using our software as a means of introducing its capabilities to such a firm. More often we refer inquiries for consulting to our existing consultant-licensees.

If you are looking for someone to perform a market study using RBAC’s software tools, but are not ready to license the software yourselves at this time, we would be happy to discuss whether it would be more appropriate for you to use RBAC or one of our consultant-licensees for such a project.

For more information about our products and services, please contact RBAC at (281) 506-0588.