RBAC’s Gas4Power® Brief

A solution for the electrical power industry

Don’t be left in the dark about gas prices! Natural gas and power markets are inextricably linked in today’s North American markets. One cannot produce realistic power market forecasts without taking into account the specifics of the gas market, but natural gas forecasts must also consider electricity demand as a component of gas fundamentals and price.  Gas4Power provides a convergent solution to this circular relationship. Built upon the industry-standard GPCM® Market Simulator for North American Gas and LNG™ with a suite of tools fine-tuned to the needs of electricity modelers, one can increase knowledge and certainty relative to the natural gas industry in North America with a minimum burden on staff and resources.   Gas4Power is simple to use and creates clear reports for your insightful analysis.

Gas4Power provides a simple process for gas price forecasts to be fed directly into a power market model and vice-versa through our power model interface in an iterative process which leads to a consistent forecast for both the integrated gas and power markets.

Our base case database is regularly calibrated to historical data, offering rigorous, transparent, and current representations of true market conditions. Any changes to the assumptions or proprietary data you may choose to add will be built onto a well-researched platform.

Gas Fired Plants Map

Gas4Power a Solution for the Electricity Industry:

  • Gas4Power gives analysts and managers the powerful benefit of the GPCM’s quarterly base-case. One gets an insider’s view of natural gas production, pipeline and storage utilization, delivery and price throughout North America. Its design enables users to integrate proprietary data and assumptions in support of a proprietary and comprehensive gas and power outlook.
  • Designed for ease-of-use, Gas4Power is backed by extensive report-generating tools, graphic displays that illuminate results of what-if scenarios. This output is easily exported to spreadsheet software and gives texture, depth, and rounded context to the user’s integrated forecasts.
  • Its Power Model Interface gives users the means to more rapidly converge solutions between Gas4Power and most power market modeling tools.
  • Fully integrated support services give the licensee access to RBAC’s industry professionals to minimize the time and implementation costs efficiently.
  • Gas4Power “levels the playing field” with natural gas suppliers and marketers by allowing you to more fully grapple with the ongoing dynamics within the natural gas market. Even more, you can easily layer in potential changes to those dynamics to understand how that could change your important business decisions. When properly used to its fullest potential within your organization, Gas4Power could minimize corporate risk and improve your contributions to business earnings.

Pipeline Utilization Map

Gas4Power gives you comprehensive data:

  • Scenario builders to create your own reference case and analysis;
    • Supply by basin group, play type (conventional, CBM, shale), and period;
    • Demand by period, census division, and sector;
    • LNG imports and exports by terminal and period;
    • Infrastructure auto-expansion on-off switch and threshold settings;
  • Extensive reporting
    • Scenario Overview Exporter;
    • Supply Disposition;
    • Consumption Summary;
    • LNG Imports/Exports Summary;
    • Source Destination Flows;
  • Monthly periodicity;
  • Quarterly Updated Base Case Database from GPCM, which is the most widely accepted standard for creating scenarios throughout natural gas industry in North America;
  • Regular Software Updates;
  • RBAC’s Power Model Interface;
  • On-site training offers in depth training on gas fundamentals for the power analysts and real-world practical application;
  • Optional upgrades to the full “GPCM Power User Suite” for periodic deep dives into market fundamentals as needed by special arrangement.

For additional information about Gas4Power® and any other RBAC product, contact James Brooks directly at (281) 506-0588 ext. 126.

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