Dr. Ning Lin, Ph.D. linkedin-icon
Senior Consultant, RBAC Inc. 

Dr. Lin is currently a senior consultant of RBAC Inc. She is a trained economist with strong entrepreneurial spirit, she has led and managed global market analysis capabilities, and is well versed in interpreting market dynamics and customer behaviors, in order to identify profitable opportunities and forward-thinking strategies.

In her former roles, Dr. Lin managed global market analysis capabilities for Shell Trading, KOCH Industries and Tenaska.  Her experience in both the chemical and energy industries ranges from natural gas and power, to petrochemical derivatives, intermediate chemicals and polymer, fiber, and engineering plastics. Her key business acumen and leading through example has allowed her to build multiple successful teams and expand her skill set.  Dr. Lin has successfully executed a variety of commercial development projects and established local partnership in overseas regions, including capital investment, technology licensing, market development and product innovations.

Throughout her career and personal life, Dr. Lin has always followed the philosophy of living life with passion and tackling new challenges. She enjoys continuous learning and expanding the breadth of her experience and knowledge. She is constantly seeking for meaningful challenges that leverage her skills and experience to make immediate contributions and create unique value in a new business space.

As a Chinese native, Dr. Lin grew up in Chengdu, China: nurtured by Chinese traditional core values with a deep curiosity to explore. In her teenage years, with a full-ride scholarship, she went to Hong Kong for an international high school education and then traveled to the United States for college and graduate education before starting her career. Aside from working, she enjoys running, reading and travelling with her family.

Dr. Lin holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin with specialization on industrial organization and game theory, and a B.A. in Economics from Bryn Mawr College.

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