RBAC Inc., Energy Market Simulation Systems

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Robert Brooks Headshot

Founder, RBAC Inc.

Dr. Robert E. Brooks, Ph.D.

Founder, RBAC Inc.

Dr. Robert E. Brooks is the Founder of RBAC Inc. He is an applied mathematician, energy economist, and software systems designer with over thirty-five years of experience in developing decision support systems for business and government.

Dr. Brooks has earned degrees from the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Texas at Austin, and MIT. His doctoral research involved development of the first large-scale linear programming model of the North American natural gas pipeline grid.

“The mission of RBAC is to contribute to global prosperity and sustainability through improvements in the quality and effectiveness of economic decisions made by the energy industry. This will increase the availability of clean and affordable energy throughout the world, while still allowing for profitability of those projects to deliver shareholder value to the investors as well as the interests of other stakeholders.”

Bethel King

Senior Director, Market Analysis

Bethel King has over twenty-five years of energy industry experience.

Dr. Ning Lin, Ph.D.

Executive Director for Global Gas & LNG

Dr. Lin is a respected energy industry economist with extensive credentials.

James Brooks

Director of Business Development

Mr. James Brooks is an Energy Industry Professional dedicated to helping his clients.

Louise Gentry


Louise Gentry has over 25 years of experience providing financial visibility.

Aaron Brooks

Product Manager

Aaron Brooks is a highly experienced software engineer.