Unlocking the Secrets to the Northeast Natural Gas Flows and Pricing

Forecasting tool predicts effects of exploding production on NE prices

Today, RBAC Inc., announced a breakthrough in natural gas price and basis modeling for crucial Northeast receipt and delivery points including Dominion South Point, Tennessee Zone 4 300 Leg, Texas Eastern M-3, Transco Z6 NY, and Algonquin city gates.

GPCM® Natural Gas Market Forecasting System™ base case permits licensees to realistically predict the price effects of ongoing radical shifts in North American supply and demand. Analysts can now factor in recent, unprecedented changes in gas supply and pipeline infrastructure to generate realistic forecasts of the market’s future.

“Market changes in the Northeast are here to stay. Even considering all the projects planned to mitigate the current situation, production increases should keep prices low for the foreseeable future. Our latest base case enables greater visibility into the ripple effects of exploding production, pipeline expansions and reversals, imminent large-scale LNG exports, and game-changing CO2 regulation. GPCM furthers our mission to empower customers to generate accurate, objective industry outlooks using this industry’s most widely-used forecasting tools,” said RBAC Founder, Robert E. Brooks, PhD.

Given industry-wide ramifications of oil prices dropping so dramatically, GPCM empowers analysts with greater foresight into today’s energy risks and opportunities. Producers, pipelines, utilities, traders and industrial gas users will all benefit from the valuable data and economic insights in RBAC’s latest modeling systems.

For more information about the GPCM® Natural Gas Market Forecasting System and other RBAC products, contact James Brooks, Director of Business Development, at (281) 665-7196 or email james.brooks@rbac.com.

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