LNG Flow Scenarios Under Energy Transition

The natural gas market has been at a critical moment of change in recent years. This study first highlights the trends, uncertainties, and challenges faced by the global gas market from the LNG value chain to macroeconomics, then further address the question: what will this mean for the global gas market and LNG trade going […]

What do the Cowboys and Lower 48 Natural Gas Production have in Common?

Hard Work. Consistent, diligent, hard work (along with a little help from your friends) makes winning look easy. The American Football Cowboys’ running back tandem, Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliot, trampled the 8-1 Vikings, scoring four total touchdowns. Their success was made possible by a terrific offensive line. Similarly natural gas producers in the South-Central […]

On Climate and Energy, The British Do Have Something to Smile About

The UK has continued to reduce its carbon emissions both total and per capita since 1971. Continuously. Even with an increasing population with higher tech requirements. That’s awesome. Compare with China who has only increased its carbon emissions, both total and per capita, every year. It goes without saying that in some ways this is […]

The Next Energy Crisis No One Is Talking About

In my past few articles, I have written about the energy transition, lack of cooperation and mixed messages from regulatory bodies, as well as energy security.  As you can imagine, these writings had been inspired (or necessitated) by my concerns over the energy crisis we are facing. However, my overarching concern is that not only […]

Dr. Brooks to speak at America’s Natural Gas Conference

Dr. Robert Brooks will speak at America’s Natural Gas conference sponsored by Hart Energy, presenting “Weather and Whether Russia,” the gas outlook and the future of Europe. In September 2021 we saw soaring natural gas prices, and steep prices were not expected to decline till April 2022, yet the February start of the war in […]

LNG Exporters Grip with Uncertainty Over Chinese LNG Demand

Western players have been watching intently as China does a balancing act—importing more Russian gas via pipeline, reselling surplus LNG at high prices on the international market and signing long term contracts with US LNG producers. Though in recent news we have seen tensions between China and the West, have these tensions spilled over into […]

Can Mountain Valley Pipeline Reduce Inflation

H.R.5376 or The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 seems to be all anyone can talk about these days. This broad-ranging legislation touches everything from healthcare to the IRS budget and even climate change. Proponents of the bill having said it will reduce healthcare costs, fund low-carbon energy projects and close tax loopholes. Opponents have opined […]

Out of Chaos – Finding Opportunity in a Volatile Gas Market

Ongoing chaos seems to have become the new normal: extreme temperatures rolling through the lower 48 United States, trade disputes with Mexico, LNG Plant explosions and last but certainly not least the ongoing Ukraine/Russia Conflict.  Every day there seems to be a new wrinkle throwing energy markets into a spiral, highlighting the need for companies […]

Haste Makes Turmoil and Misery

Photos on Unsplash and uncredited by Robert Brooks, Founder RBAC Inc. assisted by Cyrus Brooks, RBAC Inc. We may hear the words “energy transition” much more often in recent years, yet the technology of energy production has been in transition and development since day one, the discovery of fire. We’re always in transition. We’re always […]

Can we ever learn from history?

Back in 2015, RBAC’s Founder, Dr. Robert Brooks Ph.D. spoke at the World Gas Conference in Paris on the relationship between gas and power markets and was quoted as saying: “Europe is very worried about Putin’s ambitions as exemplified by the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, a part of Ukraine, and the war in Eastern […]