Is Mexico Over Reliant on U.S. Natural Gas?

Mexico: A Gas Nation Mexico’s electricity consumption per capita has grown steadily 4.9% per year since 1985, and it is the top consumer of similar sized emerging markets. Much this electricity is powered by natural gas. Figure 1, Electricity per Capita of Similar Sized Developing Countries. Source: Our World in Data Figure 2, Electricity Production […]

The Role of Natural Gas in South Korea’s Miracle Rise

South Korea is now known as a highly developed economy with a hand in a variety of industries such as electronics, automobiles, telecommunications, chemicals, steel, and shipbuilding.1 However, one of the largest economies in the world by GDP was not always such an economic powerhouse. How exactly was South Korea able to rapidly grow their economy […]

A Natural Gas Crisis in Resource-Rich Colombia

Uncertainty Within Colombia Internal debate over how Colombia should approach developing its domestic resources has created uncertainty over the future of not only the industry, but the country’s energy security. Could Colombia face a natural gas crisis in the near future? The short answer is “yes.” Irene Vélez, the then Colombian Minister for Mines announced […]

The United States is Leading the LNG Charge

Authored by Scott McKenna and Ed O’Toole. It’s said that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes. Such is the case with the US energy industry and specifically, US LPG and LNG exports. In the early 2000s, many energy experts believed that US energy production had seen its pinnacle and the country was destined […]

Has the Energy Transition Been Cancelled?

The Rush Toward Renewables A bold headline to be sure, but let me explain. the past few decades there has been a huge undertaking to move the energy industry away from traditional fuel sources such as coal and oil, and more recently nuclear and natural gas.  The idea is to replace these fuels with alternative […]

Africa: The Natural Gas Sleeping Giant

Africa’s Potential Africa is a land full of promise, blessed with abundant resources and huge untapped potential in human capital. And when it comes to natural gas, its gas reserves in 2021 were estimated at 625.6 tcf which is nearly equivalent to that of the United States.1 If Africa can properly develop their natural resources, […]

Potential Effects of Australia LNG Supply Disruption Follow Up

We previously covered the potential effects of strikes at key LNG facilities in Australia and how they would affect global prices as well as how the Asian market would respond.1 Woodside Energy has since been able to come to an agreement with the union representing workers at the North West Shelf facility which will certainly […]

MVP Southgate: The Next Domino to Fall

With the “on again off again” nature of Mountain Valley Pipeline’s Status, there was bound to be collateral damage.  In our August 2022 commentary “Can Mountain Valley Pipeline Reduce Inflation?” we discussed the background of the project and the benefits it would provide to Virginia customers.  These benefits look to be on the horizon after […]

How can Natural Gas Help Pakistan Emerge Stronger from Past Difficulties?

Pakistan’s Energy History Pakistan first discovered natural gas in the early 1950’s in Balochistan, this discovery later came to be known as the Sui gas field1 which today is the largest gas field in the country. A decade later, they discovered the Toot oilfield2, and since that time the oil and gas industry alongside coal […]