Haynesville and Marcellus: A Tale of Two Shales

Over the past two years, the oil and gas industry has seen record profit for producers, geopolitical conflicts, supply chain disruptions, inflationary and ESG pressures and a war to boot. A quote from A Tale of Two Cities comes to mind, and sums up quite nicely our recent circumstances: “It was the best of times, […]

Do Energy Security and Economics “Trump” All?

Back in 2018 at the United Nations General Assembly, then United States President Donald Trump cautioned, “Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course.” Following that warning diplomats and other foreign leaders were seen laughing at the idea. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reportedly said at the time, “Supplies […]

California Energy Prices – When Things Break

California is certainly a state of extremes. It experienced extreme drought (leading to a low hydro year) and had extensive flooding later in the same year. Winter weather was cold, and parts of California were buried under a 50-year high snow just last week. One should expect some variance in energy prices due to its […]

Natural Gas Prices are Down, But for How Long?

What Goes Up Must Come Down… 2022 was a turbulent time for natural gas prices, not only in Europe, but in North America as well.  Monthly Henry Hub prices settled over $8/MMBtu twice, and over $7/MMBtu for five months straight, driven largely by geo-political uncertainty and whipsaw market fundamentals. Prices that had not been seen […]

LNG Flow Scenarios Under Energy Transition

The natural gas market has been at a critical moment of change in recent years. This study first highlights the trends, uncertainties, and challenges faced by the global gas market from the LNG value chain to macroeconomics, then further address the question: what will this mean for the global gas market and LNG trade going […]

What do the Cowboys and Lower 48 Natural Gas Production have in Common?

Hard Work. Consistent, diligent, hard work (along with a little help from your friends) makes winning look easy. The American Football Cowboys’ running back tandem, Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliot, trampled the 8-1 Vikings, scoring four total touchdowns. Their success was made possible by a terrific offensive line. Similarly natural gas producers in the South-Central […]

On Climate and Energy, The British Do Have Something to Smile About

The UK has continued to reduce its carbon emissions both total and per capita since 1971. Continuously. Even with an increasing population with higher tech requirements. That’s awesome. Compare with China who has only increased its carbon emissions, both total and per capita, every year. It goes without saying that in some ways this is […]

The Next Energy Crisis No One Is Talking About

In my past few articles, I have written about the energy transition, lack of cooperation and mixed messages from regulatory bodies, as well as energy security.  As you can imagine, these writings had been inspired (or necessitated) by my concerns over the energy crisis we are facing. However, my overarching concern is that not only […]

Dr. Brooks to speak at America’s Natural Gas Conference

Dr. Robert Brooks will speak at America’s Natural Gas conference sponsored by Hart Energy, presenting “Weather and Whether Russia,” the gas outlook and the future of Europe. In September 2021 we saw soaring natural gas prices, and steep prices were not expected to decline till April 2022, yet the February start of the war in […]