Gas – Power Market Integration Session at INFORMS Nashville 2016

In the United States abundant supplies of low cost natural gas have begun to supplant coal as the primary fuel source for power generation.  At the same time, the contribution of centralized wind and distributed solar to the generation mix has been growing at an even faster rate.  Huge amounts of infrastructure investment are required to create the clean and yet reliable electricity system of the future.  Yet there are numerous challenges involved in the integration of these disparate technologies and markets.

Computer modeling tools have been around for decades to firms and regulators to assist them in understanding both the natural gas and power markets.  However these models typically focus on their respective markets and incorporate assumptions about the other in very simplistic ways.  

At the INFORMS Conference in Nashville this November, Dr. Robert Brooks Ph.D. will be chairing a session on Gas-Power Market Integration.  Dr. Brooks is seeking presentations for the session by researchers and analysts in both academia and industry.  The focus of the presentation can be either advances in methods for integrated gas-power market modeling or case studies using existing modeling systems.  Presentations which focus on techniques or heuristics for overcoming specific modeling challenges are also welcome.

If you are interested in participating in this session, please send an email to contact@rbac.com with a short description of your proposed presentation and your contact information.

Thank you,

Dr. Robert Brooks, Founder, RBAC, Inc.