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Integrated Modeling of the North American Gas & Power Market

Houston, Texas, August 1, 2016 – RBAC’s Founder, Dr. Robert Brooks shares his insights on two very important issues concerning the future of the energy industry at the INFORMS Annual Meeting 2016 in Nashville this November.  The first is the importance of integrating Natural Gas and Power Modeling.  The second topic will address the growth in demand in the NGL market.

The ability to tap previously uneconomic natural gas and oil resources has caused a complete reversal of the previous downward trend in production and upward trend in price.  Natural gas has begun to erode the market share of coal in the North American power generation fuel mix and this trend is likely to continue on into the future.  As the two industries become more dependent on each other, the ability to integrate Gas & Power Modeling has become vital.

RBAC’s GPCM® Natural Gas Market Forecasting System™ has been designed to give analysts and managers a tool for forecasting natural gas production, pipeline and storage utilization, delivery and price at points throughout the North American gas market.  When integrated with Power Market Models, one can produce a superior forecast of both the gas and power markets.

Dr. Brooks will be running a session specifically addressing this very important issue of Gas & Power Modeling Integration, which will include papers by industry experts: Dr. Rahul Dhal of EPIS LLC., Leah Kaffine of GE Energy Consulting, Sara Wilmer of Levitan & Associates, and Connie Trecazzi of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The very low oil and gas prices have put a downward pressure on producers to reduce supply.  However, certain sectors in the energy industry can and have greatly benefited from these low prices.  Prices have influenced the Natural Gas Liquids market quite significantly.  What was considered to be a stagnant industry is now poised to make a huge come back with industry players looking to bring their operations back to North America and take advantage of the low NGL prices.  But how do you evaluate the risks and opportunities in the NGL market?

Using results from RBAC’s North American Natural Gas Liquids Model (NGL-NA™), Dr. Brooks will be presenting a paper on modeling the North American NGL market to specifically address the hurdles the NGL market faces and how to minimize your risks and maximize your opportunities.

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