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RBAC Newsletter 2022 Issue 5


The world weighs in on energy diversity, security and independence, post-breakout of hostilities with Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, analysts are on overdrive to see where the market will go both in the short term and long term using RBAC’s GPCM and G2M2 market simulators.

Articles and Media

Senior Analyst Bethel King speaks at DUG MidCon

“Our GPCM model ... balances the market. Supply has to equal demand taking into account storage and transportation. So it's very interesting to look at what that balance means on a national level.”

Watch Bethel King’s talk “DUG Midcontinent 2022: Nat Gas Outlook, Keeping Up with Demand.” 

RBAC at WGC 2022

Dr. Brooks, founder of RBAC, will reprise speaking at the World Gas Conference in Daegu, South Korea on Thursday, May 26th, 2022. This time he will be speaking on Global Gas Pricing. Are you going to WGC? Contact us to set up a meeting while in Korea.

Changing Trends in LNG Contracts

“The current geopolitical drama has posed a challenge to LNG buyers and their bargaining power in Europe and Asia during the next round of LNG contracting.”

Read “Trends in LNG Contracting and Why They Matter.

RBAC releases Q2 2022

RBAC’s newest release is out, second Quarter base case. Look out for the bulletin on your email and upcoming article.

Tools for Navigating the Energy Transition

For a limited time, get access to a special presentation from 2021’s RBAC User Conference.

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Modeling Green Gas

RBAC’s founder, Dr. Robert Brooks talks at the User Conference:

“The purpose of this session is to talk with you about what you could do with GPCM in order to do [Green Gas] scenarios.”

Click the picture or here for more videos.

Food for Thought

Read some of our engaging commentary on social media and join us in the conversation. 

Energy and Freedom

“It wasn’t just medicines, plastics, and almost everything we use in modern society including computers, mobile phones and almost any appliance or convenience in your house, and the fuels that powered all of them, including that which powered the power plant, which gave you electricity. It was something else too.”

Read “Oil and Gas, Energy and Freedom. 

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