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RBAC Newsletter 2022 Issue 2


RBAC’s 2021 Q4 Insights

“A market that was previously characterized by “supply-push” dynamics has now arguably transformed to a “demand-pull” personality.”

Read “It’s a New Year, but is it Really ‘Auld Lang Syne’?”, an overview of RBAC’s quarterly base case release. 

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Articles and Media

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Life without Nuclear or Fossil Fuels

“Could we turn off coal, nuclear and gas and just go with wind, solar and hydro, tomorrow? What would happen? It reminds me of the solar storm that almost wiped out all power in 2012.”

Read “What if we turned off nuclear and fossil fuels tomorrow?”, a realistic view of what powers the world and the importance of energy access.

New England Energy Crunch

When you see LNG ships from Trinidad in Boston Harbor, you know something is a bit strange. Watch Dr. Brooks talk about the challenges of bringing energy to New England.

Image Source: Daniel Seßler and Ozzie Stern on Unsplash

Tools for the Energy Transition

What does zealotry have to do with energy poverty? How can decision makers make a difference to a billion people without energy? Watch Dr. Brooks talk about the purpose of RBAC in bringing energy to the world. 

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Food for Thought

The Supply Constraint Cycle

“constraints in supply cause prices to rise, and threats to supply make it increasingly volatile…”

Read this short post and comment on what Europe can do to break the cycle.

And for all those around the world who celebrate the Year of the Tiger

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