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China’s Strategic Need to Open Doors for Foreign Investment in Upstream EP

Per Xinhua news agency, on Jan. 9, 2020, China’s Ministry of Mineral Resources announced today the opening of exploration and production to private investment. Domestic and foreign companies with local net assets of at least 300 million yuan ($43 million) can apply for licenses. The reform will take effect on May 1, 2020. This announcement […]

A Reality Check in the Wave of LNG Projects

As LNG trade becomes the fastest-growing segment of global gas and fuels much enthusiasm in investing in LNG facilities, it also presents a new concern to many participants in the market: with many competing LNG projects, do we have an oversupplied LNG market at hand? Two recent news in the past week was particularly interesting […]

How big is the deal – Impact of Trade War on LNG between the US and China

This is the first post in my mini-series of “track what matters” – a knowledge share for natural gas market analysis crowd. In this post, I discuss the logic to answer this question. I like to iterate – when you see the charts and numbers below, keep this in mind: this is not intended to […]