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Qatar’s Plans for Vast LNG Expansion

Qatar’s Vast Reserves It is no secret that Qatar is one of the most important countries in the world when it comes to oil and gas. As of December 2022, Qatar had 843 tcf of estimated proven gas reserves, placing third after Russia and Iran and equaling 11% of the world’s proven reserves. However, Qatar […]

RBAC Newsletter 2024 Issue 6

Hot Weather, Hot LNG Markets We present this month, insights and commentary covering North America and the Global Natural Gas market in this new edition of our newsletter. The summer months are upon us in the North and with hot weather comes high demand for natural gas and LNG for power. We present diverse commentary […]

Global Gas & LNG Insights: Where Are Asia’s Top LNG Markets Heading?

What is the future of the LNG market in Asia amidst all the uncertainty? How are current geopolitical events impacting LNG trade? What is the impact of the U.S. LNG Pause on supply to Asia? Can Asia ensure supply security with fluctuating demand and supply constraints? How will the energy transition affect future demand? Dr. […]

Insights into Asian LNG Markets

RBAC and JLC Give Special Seminar in Singapore Singapore: the most bustling LNG trading hub in Asia was host to “LNG Market Insights for Asia—Charting the Course: LNG Market Dynamics Unveiled,” a seminar bringing together decades of experience and expertise, and packing the hall with energy industry professionals, executives and decision-makers, all set against the […]

RBAC Newsletter 2024 Issue 5

LNG Action Around the Globe We present this month insights and commentary covering North America and the Global Natural Gas market in this new edition of our newsletter. With geopolitics flaring in various areas around the world, all eyes have been on the global market. Whatever risks near the Strait of Hormuz, the LNG market […]

Can Vietnam Make the Coal-to-Gas Switch?

Vietnam’s Power Crisis Last year brought particularly persistent blackouts to Vietnam, especially in the North, where the streets were darkened as the country faced a power crisis brought on by shortfalls in power generation and higher demand during intense heatwaves. The country is heavily reliant on coal and hydropower for electricity generation, but the blistering […]

Spain’s Role as a Natural Gas Importer and Re-Exporter

How Spain Uses Natural Gas Europe is one of the most important markets in terms of natural gas and is home to some of the largest consumers of the fuel in the world. Despite domestic demand falling slightly in recent years, Spain remains both one of the top consumers and importers in the region. Spain […]

RBAC Newsletter 2024 Issue 4

LNG Spotlight and Natural Gas Getting the Shoulder A lot of eyes have been on natural gas and LNG recently with turmoil in the United States regarding LNG export project permitting, potentially opening the door for new market participants. Meanwhile, US domestic gas prices have been depressed and are “getting the shoulder”, as you will […]

Dr. Robert Brooks attends Angola Oil & Gas Networking Event

RBAC’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Robert Brooks, recently attended an event in Houston held by Energy Capital & Power in collaboration with Angola’s National Oil, Gas & Biofuels Agency. It was a meeting of minds of various companies and investors looking to get involved in Angola’s natural gas industry as well as other parts of […]

CERAWeek 2024 Takeaways

What is the story from boots on the ground at CERAWeek 2024?  Well, in Houston CERAWeek hosted thousands of the brightest minds coming together to answer the questions of the future of energy. How will supply and demand balance in a world of uncertainty? How will growing global tensions and conflicts impact or even reshape […]