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RBAC Newsletter 2024 Issue 3

Major Global Gas Market Shifts on the Horizon Are there major shifts on the horizon? A month after the announcement by the White House of a U.S. LNG permitting pause, QatarEnergy LNG announced plans to capture nearly 25% of the LNG market through greatly expanded LNG export capacity by 2030. Europe meanwhile has been making […]

Italy: A Major Gateway Between Europe and Africa

Italy is one of the largest consumers of natural gas in Europe and is also home to one of the ‘supermajor’ oil and gas companies known as Eni. However, along with the rest of Europe, Italy’s domestic demand for natural gas has been decreasing with consumption dropping in 2023 to the lowest point since 2015. […]

How Propaganda Shapes Our Energy Choices Podcast

The ultimate goal of providing reliable and affordable energy for all can be accomplished through several different methods each with their own pros and cons. But, how can the noise and innate biases be ignored and only the objective facts be considered to determine the best course of action towards creating a brighter future for […]

A Conversation on Ending Energy Poverty Podcast

At RBAC, part of our mission is, “To contribute to global prosperity and sustainability through improvements in the quality and effectiveness of economic decisions made by the energy industry. This will increase the availability of clean and affordable energy throughout the world…” And with the backbone of clean and affordable energy, developing nations can truly […]

Global Gas & LNG Insights Podcast: The Present and Future of Russian LNG

How much LNG is Russia exporting? Where is this LNG going? What different scenarios exist for supply, demand and price fluctuations? Will Arctic LNG-2 succeed despite U.S. sanctions? How will Russia utilize the Northern Sea Route and to what effect? All of these questions and more are covered in the inaugural episode of Global Gas […]

GPCM 23Q4base Forecast Bulletin

The 23Q4base quarterly GPCM database has been loaded to the RBAC website for download.  Below is a short 23Q4base Forecast Bulletin with highlights from this new release.  We have also attached a .pdf for your convenience. For more information or assistance, please call RBAC Technical Support at 281-506-0588 x112.

GPCM version Now Available!

RBAC is pleased to announce the release of GPCM The release includes several important improvements and bug fixes, as seen below. Improvements A new report will create Power BI ready datasets, export them, and open Power BI. We have created a new report for GPCM that will export several sets of data from your […]

RBAC Newsletter 2024 Issue 2

Global Gas Market is Hot Despite the Cold We hope all of our readers are staying warm during this Winter, to help you make it through the end of the month we have a new slate of articles for you to bundle up with blankets and immerse yourself in increasing your knowledge of the global […]

Video: What Would Happen if a Major Waterway were Closed to LNG tankers?

https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/903755356/8ae764afcc We all have seen the chaos in the Red Sea with diversions of shipping traffic around Africa. In Panama, low water levels and reduced traffic and increased rates. RBAC’s CEO, Dr. Robert Brooks, has written a very interesting article on what would happen to LNG traffic and markets, should such major waterways be closed […]