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Dr Brooks Speaks to The Times, Korea

Original from The Times, Korea

Dr Brooks says natural gas is the solution, not the enemy of the energy transition

  • Dr. Robert Brooks received PhD 50 years ago in Operations Research (Applied Mathematics) with a minor in Energy Economics
  • Great interest in cooperative projects with Korean companies
  • 1997 Development of a complete model of North America’s natural gas system

Translation and extra photos by Cyrus Brooks

▲ Dr. Robert Brooks, PhD, at the 2022 World Gas Conference

[Reporter Matthew Sik of The Times] Dr. Robert Brooks, who participated in the WGC 2022 World Gas Conference, is an expert who received a doctorate degree in applied mathematics with a minor in energy economics during the energy industry crisis 50 years ago.

To overcome the current global energy crisis, he said, “Governments need to work together without opposing gas energy to allow greater access and development of existing resources on the supply side and improve infrastructure and market structures on the demand side.”

At the WGC 2022 World Gas Conference, Dr. Brooks described a “methodology for forecasting range of gas prices around the world in different demand scenarios and how they may change due to geopolitical events such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

“The world needs to understand that natural gas is not the enemy of the energy transition, but an important part of the solution,” Brooks said in an interview with the reporter.

Dr. Brooks (75) is the Founder & CEO of RBAC Inc. in Houston, Texas, USA.

The company is made up of experienced energy market experts and software developers who have been brought together by Dr. Brooks to provide world-class analytics software for the energy industry, through licensing software and databases and research for customers.

Dr Brooks said the greater use of natural gas would not only reduce CO2 by replacing coal to make electricity, but it would also result in cleaner air and significant health benefits.

He argued that replacing traditional wood, charcoal, and other biomass with LPG in developing countries would have significant health benefits as well as reductions in deforestation.

▲ 2022 The Three Brookses at the 2022 World Gas Conference: From left: Cyrus Brooks, James Brooks, Dr, Robert Brooks

Dr. Brooks, who participated in the 2022 World Gas Conference, said, “I am delighted to be participating in this conference because it has been convened at the right time and our company can help Korea enter the main stage of global energy.” “We support strategies to help companies make good decisions about energy security and energy transition.”

Dr. Brooks expressed great interest in cooperative projects with Korean companies, saying, “We would like to present our expertise to KOGAS, SK and other Korean companies to determine whether they can be helpful in their strategic planning and forecasting.”

Dr. Brooks said, “We developed a complete model of North America’s natural gas system in 1997, which has become the premier software for market analysis to help energy companies make better decisions that benefit the world.”

Dr. Brooks participated in the World Gas Conference with his two sons, Cyrus (49) and James, who oversee marketing at his company RBAC, Inc., and are actively engaged in business activities.

On the evening of May 22, we met the three Brookses for the first time at EXCO, when they were looking for a restaurant and ate bibimbap in the morning saying that Korean food is popular in the United States.

It is hoped that Dr. Brooks’ research and technology will be put to good use to help overcome the energy crisis as the role of the state and the private sector becomes more important politically and economically.

The main topics of the 2022 World Gas Conference were gas production increases, supply, and the price of gas. When replacing insufficient energy with natural gas due to decarbonization, there must be a huge infrastructure investment due to increased production, but investors have been avoiding it due to the profit risks. And transportation requires not only the price [of the natural gas] but also the supply pipelines and sufficient means of transport such as LNG carriers, and this was the focus of discussion.

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