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Natural Gas Markets are Getting the “Shoulder” Early this Year

Much press has been given recently to the fall in natural gas prices from January 2024 to February 2024 and conjectures abound as to what that bodes for the rest of what is now essentially “shoulder” season.  “Shoulder Season” has long been referred to as the lull period between winter space heating demand and summer […]

Has Shale Production made us Hurricane-proof?

In 2005 two major hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, hit the Gulf with devastating consequences to residents and regional energy infrastructure.  The resulting shut-ins, temporary and permanent damage to infrastructure and plants along with evacuations caused natural gas prices at Henry Hub, already much higher than today, to skyrocket to levels nearly double July 2005 prices.  […]

RBAC Foreshadowed Resurgence in GTLs

While the jump in gas-fired generation demand in 2012 has made headlines due to low natural gas prices versus coal feed-stocks, the industry has been looking further out with LNG exports and GTL prospects as potential demand solutions. The economics of LNG exports work well in light of world-wide demand and location; but as noted […]

New Natural Gas Infrastructure: How Much and Where?

The natural gas industry finds itself in a new era of natural gas pipeline development. Shale gas has created a new paradigm. Some shale production has been developed with minimal impact to the interstate pipeline grid because of its location near large legacy pipelines. So the biggest activity in these instances has to do with […]