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RBAC Newsletter 2024 Issue 2

Global Gas Market is Hot Despite the Cold

We hope all of our readers are staying warm during this Winter, to help you make it through the end of the month we have a new slate of articles for you to bundle up with blankets and immerse yourself in increasing your knowledge of the global natural gas and LNG market.

In this edition of our newsletter: How this Winter has affected power and gas demand in the United States as well as prices; Geopolitics and Global Gas discussion with RBAC’s founder and CEO, Dr. Robert Brooks Ph.D and Armando Cavanha; Dr. Ning Lin gives her expert analysis of winter effects on LNG trading; A zeroing in on Egypt’s energy market and how conflict in the Middle East has impacted it; and last but certainly not least a collection of scenarios run with G2M2® Market Simulator for Global Gas and LNG™ showcasing what would happen to LNG markets if major waterways were to temporarily cease operations.

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Quick Brief – Low Temperatures Bring High Gas Demand and Prices

The severe cold brought on by the Winter season resulted in new records for peak power demand and natural gas consumption to be set in the United States. For example, the Tennessee Valley Authority announced power demand reached 34,526 MW overtaking the previous record set nearly 20 years ago. And with natural gas making up the majority of power generation across the United States, demand for more power will inevitably equal more demand for natural gas.

Source: EIA

However, the increase in demand is not always able to be met with increases in production and supply, especially during the Winter. As a result of this, gas spot prices can often spike tremendously, as we are seeing now and in 2022.

Source: EIA

Articles and Media

Gain insight into natural gas and LNG markets across the globe with analysis and commentary from our energy industry experts..

Geopolitics and the Role of Gas in the Energy Transition

“RBAC’s CEO and Founder Dr. Robert Brooks, and COO James Brooks joined Armando Cavanha to discuss “Geopolitics, LNG and Natural Gas”. It was a deep dive into less often discussed aspects of LNG and natural gas markets as well as the ramifications different geopolitical events…”

Read “Geopolitics and the Role of Gas in the Energy Transition”

A Deep Dive into Winter Forecast Impacts on LNG Trade

“In the volatile world of LNG trade, understanding the impact of winter on market dynamics is crucial. This commentary introduces a novel approach: scenario planning as a strategic tool for navigating seasonal uncertainties.”

Read “Navigating Market Sensitivities: A Deep Dive into Winter Forecast Impacts on LNG Trade”

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Egypt’s Gas and LNG: Global Challenges and Global Ambitions

“With uncertainty surrounding Egypt’s future gas supply, market analysts and policy makers must have the tools and knowledge necessary to explore all options available. This could involve ramping up domestic production for consumption and LNG exports or increasing imports through new pipelines and/or LNG import terminals.”

Read “Egypt’s Gas and LNG: Global Challenges and Global Ambitions

What Would Happen if a Major Waterway were Closed to LNG Tankers?

Dr. Robert Brooks PhD analyzes four scenarios ran utilizing G2M2® Market Simulator for Global Gas and LNG™ to see how the closure of different major waterways such as the Suez and Panama Canals and the strait of Hormuz would affect prices at gas hubs:

“How might we assess the effect of such partial or complete shutdowns of major LNG traffic arteries around the world? At RBAC we have developed and use a market simulation system called G2M2.”

Read “What Would Happen if a Major Waterway were Closed to LNG Tankers?”

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Essential Reading

Taken from the trove of the writings from our energy experts. Here read technical insights and far-sighted analysis relevant through the lens of today’s energy. 

Potential Impacts of a Hurricane on Gulf LNG Exports

We used GPCM® Market Simulator for North American Gas and LNG™ to simulate three hurricane related extended outage scenarios. A 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day suspension of LNG exports out of the Gulf

Read: “Potential Impacts of a Hurricane on Gulf LNG Exports”

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Food For Thought

Read some of our engaging commentary on social media and join us in the conversation.

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New York’s Natural Gas Future

“Regardless of politics, everyone could agree we need reliable, affordable, accessible energy. And abundant sources of energy are so close. In fact, New Yorkers have gas right under their feet but they produce only 1% and import the rest.”

Read here

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