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Integrating Power BI for Natural Gas and LNG Markets

Big Data

We are in the “Information Age”, our daily lives transformed by the internet, smartphones, and computers. With these technologies comes vast amounts of data. But there is a catch with having all of this data lying around, how can it be managed in order to be of use?  Thousands of rows in a spreadsheet can be beneficial to have, provided that there is some way to quickly review and analyze that information in order to make decisions with it. Vast oceans of unutilized data, not yet sorted and analyzed will be of no assistance in the decision-making process. How can we ensure access and utility of such vast quantities of data available today? 

Market Analysis

With volatility the norm in natural gas and LNG markets, you need to be able to swiftly discern insights from your data for effective market analysis. With meaningful insights, you can answer a variety of questions such as:

  • How will environmental policies impact demand for LNG, particularly demand from Japan and Europe?
  • How much will LNG re-gas capacity need to increase to meet growing demand from China?
  • How will LNG flows between exporting and importing countries shift as Europe searches for non-Russian sources of gas?

Considering the vast number of potential future outcomes the three questions above pose, combined with ability to calculate those outcomes, comes massive data sets that need to be manipulated, stored and analyzed in a way that is efficient and useful to your company and clients. 

Regasification Capacity from G2M2 Insights

Data Versus Insights

In these fast-paced markets, the less time spent compiling and reviewing data gives you the edge over your competitors.

So, how can we obtain fast insights based on reliable data? To do so, you’d have to have visualizations of key factors useful to your market analysis and combine it with market simulation tools which were transparent and trustworthy.

RBAC accomplished this with the launch of GPCM Insights for North American and G2M2 Insights for global gas and LNG.

By integrating PowerBI with GPCM® Market Simulator for North American Gas and LNG™ and G2M2® Market Simulator for Global Gas and LNG™, RBAC created custom visualizations help analysts review inputs and outputs much faster than before, greatly reducing time spent on data exporting, manipulation, and charting. 

By integrating both GPCM and G2M2 with PowerBI, it allows for gas and LNG market data to be conveyed quickly, allowing for faster decision-making which is vital for staying ahead of market trends.

Try GPCM and G2M2 Insights yourself here.

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