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RBAC Newsletter 2022 Issue 1

The top stories in 2021

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash, with Texas shape

The Texas Freeze


“Given the abundance of natural gas supply in Texas and its dominant role as a fuel source for power generation in the state, an obvious question is, where was the natural gas to step in and fill the void?”


Read “GOATs and ERCOT”, a review of the extreme cold weather event that hit the U.S., and more specifically, the ERCOT market, during the week of February 14th – 20th, 2021 and the implications of the event on the gas and power markets.

The China LNG Juggernaut


“As we look forward, any deal between the United States and China would have a major effect on the global LNG market.”


Read “China’s LNG imports Outlook: Can the United States Capture More of the Market?” and see how using RBAC’s G2M2 market simulator, the competitiveness of US LNG to China is assessed against major suppliers in the world market.

Photo Source: Energy Information Administration, China Flag
Photo by Rekha Sidhu on Unsplash

RBAC/Refinitiv Study


“…global gas and LNG prices have skyrocketed with supply shortages and lower-than-normal storage levels on the cusp of winter in Europe.”


Read “Weathering a Storm of Uncertainty: Refinitiv-RBAC 2021 Short-Term Global Gas and LNG Market Forecast” and see how modelling the weather scenarios created effective forecasting.

RBAC Releases New Video

Watch our brand-new video on RBAC and energy market simulation and how it can help you.

RBAC User Conference 2021

RBAC held a successful user conference in November with great speakers and insightful topics. Watch the introduction here and contact us for access to more videos.

December Recap!

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The Carbon Connection


“What this analysis shows, is that size (carbon footprint) does matter, but breadth (what industries are targeted/impacted) and magnitude (carbon prices) are also critically important.”


Read “It’s Not Just the Size of Your Carbon Footprint,” to see what a national emissions market would look like and its effect on natural gas prices, supply and demand.

Energy for All


“Affordable clean energy access everywhere is one of RBAC’s long-term goals.”


When a certain senator from Massachusetts weighed in on gas prices, see the response from those who really knew what was going on. Read “Affordable clean energy access everywhere is one of RBAC’s long-term goals.”

European Energy Security

Where will Europe go from here? Watch Dr. Brooks talk about Europe leading up to end of the year.

That’s it for 2021! We will see you in the new year!

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