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RBAC Newsletter 2022 Issue 10


Founder and CEO of RBAC, Dr. Robert Brooks and Natural Gas expert Robert Kachmar, will be speaking at IAEE’s upcoming North American Conference being held October 23rd – 26th, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Dr. Brooks will also speak at the annual meeting for Anchor Power Solutions, Encompass Users Meeting October 25th and 26th, in Little Rock, Arkansas. And again, a reminder for those attending RBAC’s User Conference for 2022, our new conference page is live here.

Articles and Media

Image by Houston Africa Energy Summit

Houston Africa Energy Summit 

On September 23rd, energy leaders from various African nations attended the Houston African Energy Summit to discuss the current state and future of energy in Africa.

Read “Houston Africa Energy Summit

America’s Natural Gas

“RBAC’s Founder, Dr. Robert Brooks spoke at America’s Natural Gas conference in Houston, on September 27th, 2022, along with a multitude of informative industry speakers and at a conference packed with insight and future trends.”

Read “America’s Natural Gas Conference”


Photo by Hart Energy
Image by EIA

The Next Energy Crisis 

“Natural gas not only reduces emissions when replacing coal, but is an abundant, accessible, inexpensive (at least before the crisis) and a high-density energy source that can bridge the gap as we transition to a lower carbon future while maintaining energy security.”

Read The Next Energy Crisis No One Is Talking About”

Essential Reading

Taken from the trove of the writings from our energy experts. Here read technical insights and far-sighted analysis relevant through the lens of today’s energy. 

A Reality Check for LNG 

“Before running out and panicking about an oversupplied situation, it is important to have a reality check on the LNG balance, and how this would work going forward. ‘

Read  “A Reality Check in the Wave of LNG Projects”

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Food For Thought

Read some of our engaging commentary on social media and join us in the conversation.

The Environment and Civilization  

“If you care about people, you will notice that civilization has brought the majority of the world out of poverty, famine, disease and somewhat from war. There is a struggle between these two, as there is in ‘all things planet Earth.'”

Read the post here.

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