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RBAC Newsletter 2022 Issue 11


RBAC’s User Conference for 2022 is upon us. If you haven’t been seeing the promotion, the latest information is here. The topics are hot, and the conference is expecting great speakers, and expert training to help you be successful in your market analysis. At the conference you will also be able to test drive RBAC’s Gas and LNG Visual Analytics. For more information on the conference, contact us!

Articles and Media

Picture of flowers with historic London landmarks in background. Photo Ming Jun Tan, Unsplash
Photo Ming Jun Tan, Unsplash

Climate & Energy in the UK

“The UK has continued to reduce its carbon emissions both total and per capita since 1971. Continuously. Even with an increasing population with higher tech requirements.”

Read On Climate and Energy, The British Do Have Something to Smile About”

The European Gas and LNG Conference

“RBAC’s Director of Business Development, James Brooks attended the S&P Global European Gas and LNG Conference in London, October 25-26, 2022.  According to Mr. Brooks there were several key takeaways that were quite noteworthy.”

Read “European Gas and LNG Conference”

Photo: Nirmal Rajendharkumar, Unsplash
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Inflation Reduction Act Redux

“The assumption that the IRA can be successful in generating the human capital and capability to support major renewables growth is critical, while the U.S. has not experienced such a massive build for several decades. The regulatory regime (including permitting and feasibility process) and engineering experience and skills may be the bottleneck for the plan.”

Read What are the Effects of the Inflation Reduction Act on the US Economy?

Essential Reading

Taken from the trove of the writings from our energy experts. Here read technical insights and far-sighted analysis relevant through the lens of today’s energy. 

A Political Tune of Flat Notes

“Fortunately, there are real solutions and opportunities to demonstrate how competition and infrastructure enhancements play a significant role in balancing supply and demand, and thus prices. All based on hard data, historically calibrated systems, and rigorous analysis.”

Read  “A Political Tune of Flat Notes”

Food For Thought

Read some of our engaging commentary on social media and join us in the conversation.

LNG Vessel
Photo: Joshua J. Cotten, Unsplash

Can Natural Gas Get a Little Respect?

“Recently Reuters and WSJ wrote about increased LNG exports, rising energy prices and increased carbon emissions due to switching AWAY from natural gas. At RBAC, we run energy market simulations through GPCM software to get the best information possible and here are some key points I’m going to talk about that impact fuel use decision-making, LNG exports and prices:”

Read the post here.

China’s Gas Security?

“Energy security is on everyone’s top 10 list these days. How about China’s security for gas and energy as a whole?”

Read the post here.

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