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RBAC Newsletter 2023 Issue 8


We would like to announce that this years RBAC Gas and User Conference will be held at San Luis Resort, November 8-10, 2023, on Galveston Island in Houston, Texas. This month we present to you takeaways from the LNG 2023 Conference in Vancouver as well as insightful follow up articles and commentary on gas and LNG covering far-flung locations from Alaska to Turkmenistan, Canada to Russia. 

RBAC Gas and User Conference 2023

This year’s user conference website is now live! It is gearing up to be our best yet and won’t disappoint with presentations and workshops covering the present market and future outlooks, supply and infrastructure seminars, training designed to sharpen your modeling skills and more. Click here for more information, registration and discounted hotel booking. 

Articles and Media

Canada’s LNG Exports

Canada has aspirations to expand their natural gas and LNG infrastructure to both east and west coasts to allow for LNG exports to Europe and Asia; how will this new source of competition affect the global market?

Read “Can Canada Become a Leader in LNG Exports?

Turkmenistan’s Potential

“Turkmenistan is taking steps to curb their emissions and progress being made towards new projects which should bring new life into their natural gas industry, only time will tell if these efforts prove fruitful.”

Read “Turkmenistan: Struggles with Emissions but Potentially a Bright Future

Turkmenistan Government Offices, source: Adobe Free Stock
RBAC's CEO, Dr. Robert Brooks PhD

LNG2023 Global Opportunities

With LNG playing a pivotal role in global energy security, the world converged on Vancouver, Canada to bring together the movers and shakers of the energy industry to lay the groundwork for the future of LNG. RBAC was on the ground and here are some of the top insights from LNG2023. 

Read LNG2023 Conference Takeaways

Does Europe Need Russian Gas?

Precipitated by a combination of the loss of Russian gas and historically low levels of gas in storage, the dramatic increase in European imports coming primarily from the U.S, Qatar, and Nigeria alongside pipeline imports from Norway, Algeria, and other regions may have worked in the short-term, but what are the long-term plans for life without Russian gas?”

Read “Has Europe Moved Past Needing Russian Gas?

Source:Adobe Stock
Image by Robson Machado from Pixabay

Will Alaska Run Out of Gas?

“In a recent report by Enstar Natural Gas for the regulatory commission of Alaska, it was revealed that the energy-rich state may soon be faced with an energy crisis of its own.”

Read “Alaska Natural Gas Shortage 2027?

A Positive Global Gas Outlook

“There is a lot to be hopeful about in the global gas and LNG markets… Actions taken by the industry as well as some, albeit apprehensive, support by regulatory bodies has led to potential long-term solutions utilizing natural gas and LNG.“

Read “Global Natural Gas Outlook: Is It too soon to be Hopeful?

Essential Reading

Taken from the trove of the writings from our energy experts. Here read technical insights and far-sighted analysis relevant through the lens of today’s energy. 

Image by 文 邵 from Pixabay

China’s Pipe Gas and LNG Demand

“In recent news we have seen tensions between China and the West, have these tensions spilled over into the demand for western LNG? And what do LNG players need to know about changing LNG demand in China?”

Read “LNG Exporters Grip with Uncertainty Over Chinese LNG Demand

Food For Thought

Read some of our engaging commentary on social media and join us in the conversation.

Nigeria’s First FLNG Project

“In developing countries and communities, there is lots to tackle, they need energy, but they need to build while they energize. They must tackle skills, jobs, poverty, corruption, security and safety, and refrain from any propensity to abuse power.”

Read here.

Source: Adobe Stock
Source: Adobe Stock

Making Better Energy Decisions

“If the West rushes headlong down the path of decarbonization as a “drop everything” climate emergency, what evidence do we have that the rest of the world (responsible for 65% of global emissions) is following or will follow?“

Watch here.

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