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China’s LNG Surge: Surpasses Japan as Top LNG Importer

China’s lockdown finally eased at the end of 2022 enabling economic activity to return and become more frequent in 2023. China’s natural gas consumption grew by nearly 8% in 2023, close to the pre-pandemic level of 9% growth in 2019. With the recovery of domestic gas demand, China’s LNG imports in 2023 increased by 18% […]

LNG Exporters Grip with Uncertainty Over Chinese LNG Demand

  Western players have been watching intently as China does a balancing act—importing more Russian gas via pipeline, reselling surplus LNG at high prices on the international market and signing long term contracts with US LNG producers. Though in recent news we have seen tensions between China and the West, have these tensions spilled over […]

Japan’s LNG Energy Security Has a Cost: Estimating the Price of Supply Diversity

Cutting CO2 emissions and decarbonization was supposed to be the main topic in global LNG markets last year. Instead, energy security has come again front and center, especially for purchasing countries. In the case of Japan, the security of LNG supply is especially pressing because the fuel has an outsized influence on domestic electricity pricing. […]

China’s 2021 LNG Imports increase, replaces world’s former top buyer Japan

In RBAC’s article published in April 2021 (https://rbac.com/chinas-lng-imports-outlook-can-the-united-states-capture-more/), RBAC’s global gas team analyzed China’s LNG imports market and predicted that the United States would play an increasingly important role in China. Nearly one year has passed and we have seen both the United States capture more market share as well as China’s LNG imports surpass […]

A Look at China’s Natural Gas Imports in the First Half of 2021

In April, RBAC, Inc. published “China’s LNG imports Outlook: Can the United States Capture More of the Market?” outlining the potential for the United States to capture more of the LNG market in China.  Now, half a year later, we took another look at the price and volumes of pipeline gas and LNG imports into […]

China’s LNG imports Outlook: Can the United States Capture More of the Market?

The Asian natural gas market has always been a strong demand market.  China has witnessed tremendous growth of 35% over the past few years, from 237 BCM in 2017 to 320 BCM in 2020. With the construction of regasification stations in the southeastern coastal areas, China’s LNG imports has increased year over year, from 50 […]

COVID-19: The Crash and Recovery in Asia

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Wuhan has been under strict quarantine since January 23.  With current signs of improvement of the situation in China, Wuhan plans to lift the quarantine on April 8. The outbreak took a heavy toll on many of China’s industries over the past few months. However, starting in […]