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LNG’s Role in a Realistic Energy Transition

Figure 1 – LNG Across the Globe. Source: Adobe Stock and Nasa Earth Observatory LNG Market Trends and Growth We are observing remarkable expansion and diversification within the global LNG market. It is projected that the market will grow from 400 million tons in 2023 to over 600 million tons by 2029. By 2032, it […]

What Would Happen if a Major Waterway were Closed to LNG tankers?

Introduction Recently we have seen two instances where LNG tanker traffic was affected due to issues in the Panama Canal and the Red Sea.  In the case of the Panama Canal, low water level in Gatun Lake has resulted in a reduction in capacity with associated increase in traversal time, fees, and cost. Figure 1. […]

Simulation vs Modeling vs Forecasting

Image Source: Gas & LNG Visual Analytics – RBAC; TCR wind tunnel model, South Hampton University Those familiar with RBAC may have read we have been in the business of Energy Market Simulation Systems since 1997. Our industry-leading GPCM Market Simulator for North American Gas and LNG has allowed users to “model” the natural gas […]

Haste Makes Turmoil and Misery

Panorama of the tea. Sri Lanka, Image source: Vadym Lebedych/stock.adobe.com We may hear the words “energy transition” much more often in recent years, yet the technology of energy production has been in transition and development since day one, the discovery of fire. We’re always in transition. We’re always evolving.  EV, Solar and wind power technologies […]

Methane vs Hydrogen vs CH4-H2 Mixes

It’s useful to get an idea of the relative size of markets for commodities of interest and their products (and byproducts). What’s hot now and likely to remain hot for the foreseeable future is hydrogen. According to data provided by RBAC’s G2M2® Global Gas Team, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has estimated global demand for […]

Putin Knew

Last week Bloomberg on MSN glibly reported that the Trump administration had conceded defeat in its effort to stop Russia’s Nordstream 2 pipeline. According to the article, the pipeline was already nearly complete and the latest sanctioning under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) had failed.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-12-18/u-s-concedes-defeat-on-nord-stream-2-pipeline-officials-say CNBC agreed with Bloomberg stating that the NDAA […]

Where will China get its future LNG and why?

Risks and Opportunities for China in the Evolving Global Market for Natural Gas Dr. Robert Brooks, Founder, RBAC, Inc. To achieve the economic and environmental objectives set forth by President Xi and the CCP earlier this year, China must substitute a huge amount of coal use in industry and electricity production with cleaner alternatives such […]

What Will Happen if Gazprom Stops Transiting Gas Across Ukraine?

Overview The European Union has five main sources for natural gas: indigenous production (mostly the Netherlands), Norway, North Africa (Algeria and Libya), Russia and LNG. According to Navigant Consulting’s Global Market Intelligence Database, the total amount of gas consumed in the European Union amounted to about 433 billion cubic meters (BCM) in 2015, an increase […]

Gas – Power Market Integration Session at INFORMS Nashville 2016

In the United States abundant supplies of low cost natural gas have begun to supplant coal as the primary fuel source for power generation.  At the same time, the contribution of centralized wind and distributed solar to the generation mix has been growing at an even faster rate.  Huge amounts of infrastructure investment are required […]

Simulation and Optimization Overview

“Simulation” and “Optimization” are terms employed by researchers and analysts who are attempting to learn something about natural or human systems by building and executing mathematical models of those systems. Mathematical models are typically systems of variables and equations which represent objects and behaviors found in the real-life systems which modelers are trying to understand […]